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Taxi From GA Parking to Runway 4W Or 8W


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 Good evening,

Just a quick question as to how we are supposed to taxi to the water runways? 

I know there is a dock spot by the helipad, which is great, but for Amphibian aircraft (Kodiak / Twin Otter) is there a way to get from the GA Cargo ramp to the water? I can obviously go over the bank but not really realistic / ideal, especially climbing over it at full power to get out.

The only option I've found is to Taxi by 8R by the fire station and there is a ramp there but there's also a boat house blocking it.


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Hi @skypilotYTS

I'd recommend either spawning on the water runways themselves, or if you are amphibious then you'd more than likely take off from a paved runway, then land on the water where necessary instead. Last option being what you've highlighted.

HNL is not really an airport for such operations, and even the seaplanes that operate here, as far as I can see, are largely found parked near this dock (Dock 1 or Dock 2 parking in scenery near the helipad) instead, where 'Island Seaplane Service' operates charters/tours from.





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