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A350 & Sim-rate

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Not much information about the upcoming a350 has been released. So I understand if this won't be able to be answered at this time.

I'm patiently awaiting this aircraft and am quite excited for it. But I'm curious as to one feature in relation and that is sim-rate / time acceleration. It's a feature that is not supported on the existing inibuilds aircraft including the new A320neo. But for someone like myself and a bunch of others who have very little time to themselves time acceleration can be seen as "important".  Given the A350 is a very long-range aircraft when it comes out I will use it as such much like the new PMDG 77W which does support time acceleration.

My question today is whether it is planned for the A350 to support this feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator, or if we will find out closer to the release, whenever that may be, as I could not find any information about it in my searches.

I appreciate any response on this matter.

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There is an A350 dev-update planned for the end of July, where more information will be shared.

With regards to things like time-acceleration/compression specifically, we did answer this when raised on the discord. The short answer is yes, it is under consideration.

We understand why people request it, and the importance of such features would only grow with projects like A350 and A380, so we would like to incorporate such features and possibly roll them back into projects like the A300 eventually as well.


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