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SkyVan in air start does not work

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I have the SkyVan from the MS store, everything works OK except that if I try to start the a/c in the air the engines are off with the fuel switched to off and the electical breakers in the off position. If I start the a/c on the ground all works ok and obviously if I start from cold and dark all is well too. Just an air start does not work because the switches are obviously wrongly set. All other a/c work (including ini P40F).


I have tried re installing and also running with rolling cache cleared and also off no difference at all.

Any suggestions to resolving this  would be appreciated. 

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Well I can see that it works for you but this is what I get when I start up:


AS you can see the fuel is on cut off and the ingnition is also set off, I have removed all add ons and also any start ups (A&Os) and still get this but only with this  a/c.

I've cleaned caches and run with and without rolling cache, all to no avail. Any ideas?







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I'm wondering if there is a config file somewhere, although it would have to be persistent because I have re-installed a couple of times without any change, The a/c works fine on the ground in a ready to fly config so I can't see anything fundamentally wrong. It's a puzzle....

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On 6/29/2024 at 2:32 PM, pilot100 said:

I'm wondering if there is a config file somewhere

Hmm. There are no files that can be accessed by the user beyond what you see in the official packages folder itself. Could you post your ``Cruise.flt`` file? That determines the parameters for an air-spawn.

What hardware controls are you using? Do you still have the issue if you run the sim without them connected or using a default profile for them? Just to help eliminate any binding conflicts.

Also ensure there Assists are disabled in the assistance options? There is a tendency for them to unintentionally reset in between sim-updates. 




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Well, to tell the truth I had uninstalled the plane but a member of another MSFS forum mentioned that there was an update on 3rd July and so I reinstalled today and now the air spawn is working (as with every other a/c). So whatever was in that update fixed the issue apparently (as a matter of fact the guy in the other forum - which is the official MSFS one) aslo saw his issue, which wasn't quite the same but very close to mine,  also resolved. 


Anyway I am grateful for your support and appreciate your time in responding. 

So thanks again.



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