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having trouble with rudder during takeoff in inibulids a320 v2

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i just recently downloaded the a320 v2 to msfs. well i was getting ready to fly it the other day in the sim and i started the takeoff roll and i applied some right rudder and suddenly it veered off to the left and i tried as hard as i could to turn right but it would not go to the right and i also have nose wheel steering axis enabled too.  it just went off the left side of the runway and onto the parking ramp of the tarmac and it kinda took off from there but seconds after it spun and crashed. if anyone could please give me any info on this issue on what may b happening with this aircraft and what i could do to maybe fix it to work the rudder properly itd b great thanks again.




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Hi @SimPilot7091, can you confirm the weather conditions at the time? Was there any excessive/sever crosswind? Also ensure that your rudder trim is centered, and that there is no conflicting bindings for either Rudder or Rudder Trim that could be causing issues.

Also ensure your thrust is not asymmetric (i.e. one engine having thrust than the other). Lastly ensure you do not have any AI Assists enabled (such as autorudder) in the Assistance options.



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