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AN-225 auto pilot does not work half the time.


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Basically the auto pilot works as it should from take off until you get to cruise altitude, when you’re at cruise altitude it will just randomly start diving out of the sky or drifting steeply to the left or right into a stall. Sometimes it doesn’t even make it to cruise altitude without doing this. This happens 100% of the time I fly this plane, some days it’s more stable than others but there’s definitely a bug with the plane. I doubt there’s anything I can do to fix it as it’s an issue within the game, I play on xbox series x btw. Basically the plane can’t hold it’s altitude, sometimes it doesn’t even make it to cruise altitude, I don’t know what I can do about it probably nothing it needs to be fixed in the next update or something. I’m not the only one who’s experienced problems with the an-225’s auto pilot. I read another thread of the exact same issue. I’m using the auto pilot properly too, auto throttle is turned on, I use pitch hold and spin the wheel to go up or down. It usually works but then it just starts descending by itself steeply or drifting to the left or right, it’s frustrating as I really like the plane. It’s too bad.

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