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Wrong engine indications prior to starting the engines in upper ecam


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Hi all,

I encountered something, which I believe to be a bug. When starting up the aircraft from cold and dark and the upper ecam display comes to live after its self test, it initially shows the engine indications with numbers not with the double red xx. After a while it switches to the xx where it stays until selecting ignition in the engine mode selector.

In a tutorial by A330Driver it seems that the ecam should indicate the red xx right from the beginning (at 3:50 and following):

 In the screenshot attached you can see the critical moment of my startup . As you can see in the screenshot, the aircraft is right in the startup process from cold and dark, since the standby attitude indicator is still calibrating. The ENG mode selector is in Norm and the ecam shows the green numbers instead of the red xx.

I am on Xbox btw.

Microsoft Flight Simulator-2024_06_17-06_51_00.png

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