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A320neo V2 nosewheel steering problem


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For reasons I won’t get into, I can’t use rudder pedals on my PC right now, so I have to use the keyboard.
I have switched to Yes the “Rudder controls tiller”, and have problems steering the aircraft on the ground. More specifically, it oversteers, and beyond a certain point steering will suddenly go into the other direction. The aircraft isn’t controllable on the ground.

What I have observed, is that my keyboard key assigned to centering the rudder (“5” on my keypad in my case) will center the rudder, but not the tiller (by pressing “5” I can see my rudder going to the center immediately, but the tiller doesn’t move). As a result, in order to center the tiller, I have to turn into the opposite direction until I “think” it has reached the center position, which is of course almost impossible to do, resulting in oversteering in the opposite direction.

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Hi @diogocec,

The ''Rudder Controls Tiller'' is bound to 'Rudder Axis' itself (red box), and not the yawing commands (green box) which is what is used by default sim keybinds.image.png.596e72ae1e3c2b55e1319a670daee200.png

You could also try to assign buttons to the tiller itself, such as 'INCREASE STEERING' and 'DECREASE STEERING' keybinds if you want to control it separately to the rudder.



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