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Wind noise unbearable in the cockpit / drowns out the engine at times


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I’m not sure if this is accurate or not to the real aircraft, but when flying the noise in the cockpit is almost unbearable, I fiddled with a bunch of the sound settings, for example turning down each slider until the noise in question got lower, and it happens that when I turned down the “ENVIRONMENT” slider the sound got bearable. At first I thought it was the engine noise in the cockpit, but it seems like it’s connected to the wind noise or something as if a window is open in the cockpit. Again I’m not sure if it’s this loud in the actual aircraft but just something I noticed. A side note I had to lower the “ENVIRONMENT” slider to about 10-15% for the rushing wind noise inside the cockpit to become somewhat bearable, at times it would drown out the engine sound even when the engine is in TOGA, this is all on Xbox Series X. 

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