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Throttle levers goes to TO/GA and stays locked after landing

Giuliano Arruda

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Hi everyone

Yesterday a serious problem began to happen in my A300-600, as soon I touched the ground, the throttle levers moved to TO/GA position by itself and stayed there locked being impossible to reduce the speed in the runway, making the airplane accelarate until it goes out of the runway.

I didn't modify anything beteewn a flight to another, no updates, etc, it is simply started to happen sundelly. This problem repeated by the next three flights I made.

Is anyone facing the same problem? If yes, could you please inform the solution?

Thanks in advance for your support, I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

Giuliano Arruda


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  • Giuliano Arruda changed the title to Throttle levers goes to TO/GA and stays locked after landing

Hi @Giuliano Arruda

I haven't noticed this myself, nor seen it reported by any other users till date. Are you landing with the AutoThrust (AT) enabled, or is this happening with manual throttle control?

If manual, can you check your throttle calibration? It seems like the "IDLE" position on your throttle axis may be configured to TOGA perhaps. Toggle the 'REVERSE ON AXIS' setting to force reset the existing calibration, then calibrate again with your desired settings.

If with AT, as if conducting an auto-land, you will be able to regain control of throttles by disconnecting AT. Also ensure you have retarded your physical throttle levers (if using hardware axis) to IDLE prior to touchdown as during ROLLOUT, the AT will disconnect and then your hardware axis becomes active. So if the lever wasn't already in IDLE, but instead at TOGA as set during takeoff, then the problem can occur.


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