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A320 Neo V2 Autopilot on Joystick

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Not sure whether I am missing something however I do have the TCA Side stick for the A320 ahd the red button configured to toggle AP, however it will only toggle the AP on and will not toggle OFF.  I have to use the Mouse button, then the alarms go off as it seems the AP needs to stay on until after landing

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Hi @Bazz

The red disconnect pb on the sidestick is mapped to 'AUTOPILOT OFF' command only, so you need to assign it to that instead. This is because IRL that button can only be used to disengage, and not engage the AP.

If you disconnect the AP using this button, the alarm should only sound once and silence itself. If not, press that red button again to silence it for good.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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