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A320neo autopilot keeps randomly disconnecting


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Hi all, 

I have recently been having an issue with my A320neo in that the autopilot keeps randomly disconnecting. The aircraft then veers up, down or left/right. The plane will be flying fine and often be at a regular cruise before this happens. I'm on Xbox if that helps. Before anyone asks, it is NOT STICK DRIFT, and I know because I've tried without my joystick/using others. 

Thanks for your help. 

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Hi @samj

Other than conflicting/noisy control inputs, other things that can upset the autopilot include excessive turbulence or abrupt wind/weather changes (e.g. when the sim does a weather update).

One way to ensure that this isn't what is happening here is to try a flight with the 'Clear Weather' preset, and see if you still notice the issue. The other thing is to also check that AI Assists (e.g. Auto Yoke and Auto Trim) are disabled. Those can also cause issues with the Autopilot.


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