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A20N: Problems when flying a Hold over several rounds


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Dear Team,

thank you for this awesome plane provided to the community. I already spent a couple of hrs and I am really surprised of the quality. 

However there is one thing I would like to add as a possible bug.

Setup is as follows: Departing EDDM 26L via ALG2S ALG DCT ABGAS DCT ROKIL ROK26 Transition EDDM26L

Description: Departure works out just fine. However, tried to enter a Hold over ALG NDB. Inbound course 147°, 1,5min legs, left turns. Speed 220 knots.

Issue: The Intercept and the first round of the hold went perfectly well and I was pretty surprised as it was a sharp angle to enter via ALG coming from the east. However, after passing ALG NDB for the second round the aircraft lost its track and ended up flying a weird left turn and was not unable to re-intercept the hold even though still correctly displayed in the plane.

Replication: Can be done by using the same route. Tried the same route a second time with the same hold -> same issue. 

Manual flight and direct to another waypoint after the wrongly flown hold works just fine.

Maybe someone can try to replicate this as well to confirm the issue. :)

Best regards,


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