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AI Copilot Unable to Steer/Turn Aircraft


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When taxiing to the runway I usually like to use the AI Copilot to get me to the edge of the runway so I can focus on setting the cockpit up for takeoff, and it’s more realistic to a shared cockpit etc. this works fine with most aircraft in the sim, but I’ve noticed when I try to do this with the A320 v2 the AI Copilot is unable to steer the aircraft or adjust the throttle to much capacity and it just goes straight ahead into grass or buildings it seems unable to steer/turn the aircraft, I’m not sure if this is a silly thing to be posting about but it’s just something I’ve noticed. 

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Hi @JayJay3692

Thanks for your post. Can you ensure you have have enabled the 'RUDDER CONTROLS TILLER` option in the EFB (Options Page)? As without that option, if the user (or AI) is giving input on the rudder axis, it may not turn the tiller (thereby nosehweel) enough to allow for proper steering.

That being said, the A320neo(V2) is designed and tested specifically to work best without assists, as the whole idea behind it was to offer a more advanced version of the aircraft by comparison to the Asobo (V1) one.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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Yes I have got that turned on through the EFB, it just seems to go in a straight line. And yes I understand it’s more advanced and designed without assists at the forefront but I guess the fact that it is more advanced there’s a lot more to do during certain parts of the flight like taxiing etc. with the checklists which are amazing and fun to go through, but also having to either skip or rush through parts of the checklist so you can re-steer the aircraft when I’m assuming in real life the copilot or something would be taking care of that whilst the captain focused on more of the checklist. In essence having the AI copilot able to at minimum steer the aircraft on the ground during taxiing would be more realistic than less in my opinion. But overall love the A320 v2 it’s incredible and feels so fun to fly.  

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