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Hi There,


My issue appear to be very similar to  Maverick3007. I talk to Microsoft this and the told me to contact  Inibuilds. Here what I wrote to them.

"I have never been able to use the A310 plane in the MS2020 even after the different updates. After selecting the A310-300 as my aircraft to use in the simulator and once it is loaded and ready to go on the runaway, The view from the left seat is incorrect and I am unable to adjust it. I see out of the front window but I can't see the flight instruments unless I use the down arrow on the keyboard to lower the view but then I can't see outside. I can adjust forward with the wheel mouse but I can't adjust back. I have been unable to move the "Pilot" back to see both outside the front window and the instruments. I have had the problem with the 310 since day 1. I was hoping that in the forum someone would have had the same problem but I have not seen anything on the subject and so I am writing you about it."

That been said, I installed yesterday the latest MSFS2020 update SU15 and still have the same issue and so I can't fly the aircraft since I can't look down the runaway and flight instruments in the same view.

What can I do to fix that since I don't appear to be able to zoom out.


Looking forward to a response.


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