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Missing SIDs of EDDK in MCDU


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Hello community,

when I start at the Gate in EDDK and select a runway for departure from RWY 14L/32R or 14R/32L I don't get any SIDs suggested. 
I know that the runways were renamed to 13L/31R. Might have something to do with that?

Strangely the approaches are shown correctly and for the correct runway names.

Anyone else have that same problem?


Shadow PC - Display 5_25_2024 1_41_51 PM.png

Shadow PC - Display 5_25_2024 1_20_19 PM.png

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Hi @DroneSim

This issue is not specific to the A320neo, and will unfortunately affect all aircraft without custom nav-databases as the runways at EDDK have been renumbered as of the latest AIRAC cycle. As such, there needs to be an update from MS to the base scenery data itself to update runway numbers in order for their corresponding procedures to appear as well.

What is happening currently is that its showing you the Runways and ILS approaches available for the old runways, but the SID/STAR in the nav-database are tied to new runway numbers, and because there is a mismatch, it is not showing you those procedures as they are not valid for the selected (old) runway number.

In the meanwhile, there is a temporary fix made available by VatGER that you could try:


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