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How does thrust calibration work?


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Hi, can someone link me to a help file or explain how to use the thrust calibration? I'm using a standard Xbox controller on Xbox series X. I foolishly clicked a couple of buttons on it now it's all messed up.

I've tried cycling through thrust position settings whilst also setting the levers in the cockpit as the respective positions but I think I'm just getting the sequence of actions wrong somehow!

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Hi, Same here. I also got the TCA Captain Pack X  and it's a nightmare trying to get it to work. It jumps from Reverse Thrust straight upto TOGA nothing in between. I have pressed the reset calibration which does not change anything. I then went onto my XB controller and again nothing.

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I'm having a similar issue but on PC. When I set the physical control to idle, it goes to max reverse in the sim. It doesn't seem to be able to properly hand reverse thrust, even when "Reverse on Axis" is set to yes. For the time being I just have it set to no, even though it does have reverse on axis, and will just use the Idle, Climb, FLX/MCT and TOGA positions and ignore the reverse thrust until this is fixed.

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I have the same problem. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the calibration with the thrust levers. Even if I don't use my HCBravo, i.e. only move the thrust levers with the mouse, it doesn't work. Now everything is so misaligned that I can no longer fly the A320 at all. How can I reset these settings? Deleting the calibration does not work for me.







Win11 (64Bit) CPU I7-10700KF 4.8 GHz , 64GB RAM DDR4 3600MHz , NVIDIA Geforce GTX 3090 MSI , 32 4K u 27 3K Monitor

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I'll just copy/paste what I wrote on a Reddit forum. I think for Xbox users the process can be confusing due to having no physical levers to calibrate. I hope this helps others:


Ok so I think I've kinda figured it out for Xbox users. Firstly, make sure the 'reverse on x axis' is set to 'no'. Then click on Begin Calibration. That button will then change its name to indicate what thrust you are setting. Now my mistake was to go messing around with the cockpit trust levers, setting them to the position they should be at for the thrust setting you're configuring, and then trying to save that as part of the calibration. But you need to do everything on the EFB, don't muck around with the cockpit levers at all! What you need to do is for each specific speed setting your currently calibrating is to click out of the EFB, point the cursor to a blank space (so that you are not going to click on any other interactive item by mistake) so that you can then use A & B to move the green bars up and down on the EFB (as if you were increasing and decreasing throttle as you would normally do) to the % you THINK that thrust you're configuring should be active at.

So when setting TOGA, for example, you would press A until the green bar goes all the way to the top, then click on the 'set TOGA thrust' button below. Then click on the button that originally said 'begin calibration' to move to the next thrust setting.

So there is some guesswork involved for Xbox controllers in choosing reasonable %'s because folks who have actual throttle controllers can easily just place them in the correct position. We just have A & B to press!

I used toga=100%, flx/tmp=85%,climb=77%,idle=0%

I hope that makes sense! The key bit was taking focus off the EFB to then use your thrust buttons to move the green bars up and down!

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Hi thanks for the post @Nimrod

Yes that is correct, you need to define a separate position for each detent. If you do not have reverse on your axis, select the NO option on the EFB.

The calibration is done 100% on the EFB itself, using either the actual throttle axis on your hardware, or via buttons if you're using a controller. This controls the green bar. The "SET XXX" buttons on the EFB define the detent position.

The green vertical bars indicate the current position of the axis (0 to 100%).
The white horizontal bars with IDLE, CLB, FLX/MCT, TOGA written on them show the currently configured position of that detent on the throttle lever. 

To calibrate (NO reverse on axis) you want to:

2. Keep the green bar at the very bottom (close to 0%) and click SET IDLE (it will replace the BEGIN CALIBRATION button)
3. Move the green bar to where you want the next detent (normally ~70%) and click SET CLB
4. Move the green bar to where you want the next detent (normally ~80%) and click SET FLX/MCT
5. Move the green bar to where you want the next detent (normally ~100%) and click SET TOGA

If you have a reverse on axis the process is similar except you'd also define MAX REV and IDLE REV first before IDLE.

Below is a an example of a calibrated page.


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