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VC Geometry in Virtual Reality

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Hi Team,

I´ve noticed that the geometry of the VC seems to be off in someway ( in VR ).

When I align my seat with the red and white balls on the center window column, I´m unable to see the FMA.

In order to make the FMA visible, I have to set my position unrealistally far back or unrealistically low ( when setting the seat so low that I´m able to see the FMA, I wouldn´t be able to reach some parts on the Overhead like Fuel Pumps, Packs, etc. ).

I think the easiest way to fix this is to lower the position of the PFD.

Thank´s for looking into it ( please try in VR ).

Best regards,


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Hi Toto,

I am the resident VR advocate on our team 🙂

Seating position and camera POV has always been a divisive point between VR and pancake simmers. The sim by default caters to the non VR user so when you setup in VR properly there is a bit of override and things tend to get obscured. I have found the A300 to be mostly ok but I can see where personal preference or equipment setup can come into play.

I use a Reverb G2 paired with OpenXR Toolkit with default scaling.

Here is my current seating position looking straight ahead that matches as close to IRL based on cockpit tours and discussion with active line pilots

As you can see the alignment balls are lined up and the top of the glareshield is level with the top limit of the PFD/MFD. The FMA is just in view but can become obscured if I glance down with just my eyes.

When I tilt my eyes down, the FMA comes fully into view as expected. FlightSimulator_PBkrZgVtAx.thumb.jpg.fd93db2d816af864e638513113e5ee4f.jpg


I have found setting the seat position like this allows for good results when switching back to 2D (I tend to do flights in both 3D/2D as longer cruise segments can get uncomfortable in the goggles)

Below are the lateral right and left eyeline references I use with the seat fully forward- (Placing the seatbelt where it would be on my waist when looking directly down)



Much like in reality, POV is very user specific but I have found this vantage point to provide the best experience without compromising usability across all modes.

Let me know if you have similar results or if trying his alleviates the issues you've found.

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