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PilotExperience installation problems


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I installed two Pilotexperience sceneries. Brest, LFRB installed fine and shows as installed in the iniManager. However, I then installed Bordeaux, LFBD. The installation was fine and is in MSFS, however it does not register in the iniManager and doesn't show as installed, even though it actually is in MSFS. How do I fix that please?




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Hi @LeeH

When you launch the iniManager, click on your name on the top left corner to access the settings.

Then ensure the Sim Path for the Community folder is correctly defined (if not, then click the 3 dots and select the Community folder). Press 'Scan Now' and it should go through the folder and update the status of the installed products.



Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
IniBuilds Community Team Member & Tester

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