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Good day, 

I am using a lot this aircraft, if it will help for getting better I'd like report something happened to me in some flight.

Instrument freezing during long flight maybe when I did a direct to.

Unable to stop APU.

PTU always running.

There is not the autobrake indication in fma, NEO real feature.

There is not the indication fo cooling engine before start, NEO real feature.

Missing some ILS frequency.

Will you make the terrain radar working?


Many thanks for all that you make for us to give a good A320 in XBOX

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There have been WASM issues caused by the frequent changes of the GDK and WASM Compiler in SU15b. Please try again in the latest release version and let us know if you are still facing such issues.

Some of the features you have stated are related to different engine version, as well as different software version of the aircraft. 

On 5/5/2024 at 1:28 AM, dream said:

Missing some ILS frequency.

This is unfortunately out of our control, as it is to do with the scenery itself and the data stored in its files. Certain sceneries will be missing the ILS data (can confirm on the VFR Map by clicking the airport), as such the plane cannot automatically pick it up. You can in those circumstances manually input the ILS frequency and course into the RADNAV page of the MCDU. 


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