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Unable to even get the PW version off the ground due to repeated WASM crashes


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I bought the A300 last week and got a couple of flights in using the GE version. The aircraft is updated to the latest version. I'm quite well versed in the operation of the aircraft. I've made 7 attempts for a simple KMKE/KMKE circuit ( with the beautiful new Ini Scenery) departing on RW 19R and returning to the ILS 19R. every single time a WASM crash stopped the aircraft from responding to any inputs, while the sim continues to function. many simple actions seem to trigger the crash such as starting the APU, (hung, would not start or restart.) loading weights from EFB, programming FMC, clearing route discons, etc. all result in CDU and FCP going blank and aircraft no longer responding to inputs. I will re test the GE version, and see if it's any better, but this 40$ aircraft is pretty much un flyable. I'm running W11 with an I7 14700K a 4070TI super and 64GB Corsair Veangence RAM. This runs any other aircraft and scenery combination with great performance.

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Nope, Even the GE model  WASM crashes when I try to fly out of MKE. Maybe something in the navdata? WASM crash occurs repeatably when  clearing the discon between  the T/O runway and the final approach fix. EFB shows fueling still happening . it's counting fuel added, but entire aircraft and all displays frozen.

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We are not able to reproduce these issues on our end with v1.1.1, even with Navigraph navdata. 

Could you please try troubleshooting such as :

  • Do a flight without any other addons, only the A300 in your community folder, to see if there are other addon conflicts.
  • Delete the contents of your "work" folder after a fresh re-install to ensure no corrupted data:

    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\inibuilds-aircraft-a300-600

    MS Store:

  • Make these flights in default "White" or "Inibuilds House" liveries to eliminate any "bad" livery files causing conflict

And when you do encounter the issue, report with:

  • Screenshots/Videos of the failed systems or anomalies you notice
  • Write-up of the things you did just prior to the crash (e.g. what you clicked, what you interacted with, what control inputs you gave etc)
  • Cirtcuit route information & navdata used (E.g. Navigraph data -  KMKE/01L YOUNT KMKE/01L ILS)
  • Any extra things you noticed just before to the crash (e.g. momentary sim-freeze, abrupt winds change, sudden weather update etc.)


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
IniBuilds Ltd. | inibuilds.com

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After a re install where I deleted the work folder (I think this was the key) Iflew the ORD MIA leg without any problems. FMC loading worked without any WASM issues at all. It was a great experience. IRL I worked COs A300B4-203s and as an AA mechanic worked our -605Rs at ORD from '90 until their retirement. you guys really hit this one out of the park! I felt right at home being back in the "Bus"
Thank you.

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