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A300-600R PW Maximum Thrust


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SU15 Beta, NaviGraph NavData, 1.1.1 (HotFix)

It seems, that after a certain altitude even though the thrust rating panel calculates a certain EPR for CL, the actual EPR values are lower. So, I tried to disconnect the auto-thrust and set it manually. However, even with the engines firewalled, I cannot even achieve CL EPR. In this particular case with CI of 60 and a climb speed of 325 IAS;

Altitude: 27500 Climbing

Weight: 163.2 Tons

Total Air Temp: 6°

Outside Air Temp: 24°

TRP CL EPR: 1.535

MAX EPR with throttle firewalled: 1.501

This leads to excessive time-to-climb values and a struggle to maintain speed. Can the devs maybe verify this discrepancy between commanded EPR and achievable EPR?




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