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EGGW issue

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Hi I have an issue where on takeoff or landing on Runway 25 at inibuilds EGGW, I get a stutter that lasts about half a second to a second when nearing the end of the touchdown zone. I am trying to narrow down what is causing this issue. I think a few people might have this issue as when I am on VATSIM I notice that sometimes aircraft pause in the same location. Not all of them, just a handful. I thought that it might have been inibuilds EGSS spawning in/out so I tried disabling it, but still had the problem.  I tried disabling Orbx London City Pack and that did not cure the problem.  I tried with various settings in the configuration tool for EGGW, no fix.  Photogrammetry is off. I even lowered graphics setting. All with the same result.
Can anyone here shed some light on the issue.  It's ruining an otherwise perfect experience.  I saw over on the discord that someone was having the issue at both the 07 and 25 thresholds but I have yet to confirm 07.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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