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Missing decals for the engine.

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I am in the process of making a livery, and while doing so I noticed that in the Ext Placard PSD there are hazard area decals in the engine layer group, however I could never get them to appear, I did some looking in other liveries on this website's downloads section, the only livery I could find that these engine decals would appear in, was the Iran Air EP-IBC.

Can you give me any guidance as to what I am doing wrong?


Many thanks in advance and happy May Day.


Screenshot 2024-05-01 140244.png

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I have found a weird work around. At least for GE liveries. 

When I made the liveries on top of the EP-IBC livery from the inimanager as a sort of template (just overwriting the textures files). The decals show up correctly.


Now I just have to find one for the PW liveries.

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