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OMDB performance drop


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thank you for this amazing scenery which I enjoy so much since I fly from Dubai very often.

however, it comes with the price of performance drop whenever I land or start a flight from OMDB (reaches as low as 4-9 fps)

I tried tweaking a lot but no luck so far. please support in advising what should I do as well. maybe interior remove but I don't know how to do that.

my PC specs :


RTX 3080





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I love this scenery but I’m also getting really poor performance around the terminals and the tower even with everything turned off. I get better performance at EGLL. I know this doesn’t help the OP but no one has replied and I’m keen to know if there’s anything planned to update OMDB. Specs: AMD 5800X3D RTX 3060ti


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Just to update on this post.


After SU15 there is a noticeable improvement on the airport as it is now 25-30 fps which is very good as I can take off and land from the airport now.

there are still some stutters while loading the area I'm near to but that is fine for now.

looking forward for the optimization of the airport from inibuilds. thanks.



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