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PW startup sounds, is this right?


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I've had a look around other user videos etc but not come across this type of sound before.
This is on the PW variant on initial start from APU bleed, URL follows:

A300 PW start

I think the sound is fairly obvious here, sort of clanking/chuffing noise.

Does this sound correct or do I have an issue perhaps? If there's an issue rooted in an install issue, I can't help but wonder if other things may be affected too.

So I guess the questions are:
-Is that normal?
-If not. is there something in startup I've overlooked or done incorrectly?
-If it doesn't sound right, can I do anything to fix it?

MSFS and A300 are up to date.
Video was made with no Community addons, and airport is non 3rd party.

Any thoughts welcomed.


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Coincidentally a video just showed in one of my social feeds which seems to be the answer - windmilling.

I've never heard the term before, though I knew fans could spin freely in the breeze, but the noise is something I haven't experienced IRL.

So I've learnt something new today, and if correct, well done iniBuilds, as I don't think any other aircraft I've had show this effect.

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