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Major Problems with PHNL for MSFS2020 XBox


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I bought your Honolulu Airport Scenery for the XBox X Series yesterday at the Marketplace and I have some very major Problems. The Terminal Buildings right and left sided sometimes disappear or only one of them show up. The Main Tower sometimes doesn’t show up or only parts of it floating in the Air. From the distance some parts like the Parking Deck has blurred graphics, only from a very close distance the blue panel roof show up. The parking lots and Garages are completely empty. With the default Boeing 787 it also has big stutters and Black Screens. So the Scenery looks very poor and also is unplayable with the default 787 or A320Neo. I’m very disappointed for a price of 20 EUR. I play in the SimUpdate 15 Beta Version and have many Payware Aiport Addons with no Problems like that. I got no World Update in this area. I restarted the XBox multiple times, clear the rolling cache, turn off Static Aircraft and KI Aircraft for testing, nothing solves the problems. Please fix this graphic Problems and add some Life to this Airport with Static Parking Cars or Static People at the gates and around. IMG_4543.thumb.jpeg.6879209d79108069da61320facfd2ffc.jpegIMG_4544.thumb.jpeg.ede4bfd5083e2ae9ad6def7da82efbfc.jpegIMG_4545.thumb.jpeg.25f3649c0c64891fc4b8c8752ef5312a.jpeg

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