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Turning packs off does not update FLX TO thrust


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With packs on, TO thrust and FLEX TO thrust is 104.4%:


Turning the packs off increases TO thrust to 105.1%, this is correct. However, I would have expected FLEX TO thrust to increase as well, but it remained at 104.4%:


Turning the FLEX TO TEMP up and down via the dial refreshes it to 105.1% as well:


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FLX TO is a manual setting based on calculations.  In a nutshell you are derating the engines by telling the FADEC that the temperature is different than it really is.  IRL your dispatch system will advise you as to what flaps and takeoff settings to use given your weight, runway length, runway conditions, winds, temp, altitude etc.  If the conditions warrant, you would be given a FLX TO assumed temp to use.  I will read the FCOM, but I would not expect this "manual" setting to change automatically with PACKS on or off.  I could be wrong, so will check the FCOM when I can. 

Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
I7-9700KF | 2070 Super | Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo | MFG Crosswind


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20 hours ago, Crabby said:

so will check the FCOM when I can.

Can you share the fcom or a link to where I can download one ? I managed to find one on google, but the FMC was different to the one in the inibuilds.

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