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iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS v1.1.1 Released


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Thank you to you all for your support, love and feedback on the PW/IDC update on the iniBuilds A300-600R airliner!

We have been working tremendously hard on fixes and improvements over the past few weeks! You will notice various changes in the product and that has come from some feedback from IRL A300-600R airliner pilots from different operators around the world.

A further note that in this update we have temporarily disabled the SEC FPLN in order to get this update out as we still have some pending work to do in this area that did not finish up in time. We did not want to hold this release up for that, and we hope to update again next week with that work wrapped up and the SEC FPLN operable once again.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend!


v1.1.1 of the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS has been released. This update fixes lots of different items from systems, to art, sounds and more! Take a read through the extensive changelog below!

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.


Fixed - [VNAV] When in the turn VDEV reporting low on path but ending high after turn complete 
Fixed - [SYS] When pressing N1 mode no ECAM is shown
Fixed - [ENG] OIL TEMP to not be based on EGT
Fixed - Double pressing +/- on IDC doesn't' switch between a + and -, just inserts + every time 
Fixed - [IDC] AOC Enroute - Pos Rpt unable to change fuel from KG to LBS, regardless of units selected on EFB
Fixed - [IDC] Squawk IDENT on ATC/TCAS CONTROL page doesn't send ident command to Vpilot
Fixed - F-PLN B page when RSK should take to VERT REV B page also
Fixed - [IDC]TCAS "TA ONLY" state doesn't show an indication in the TCAS control page
Fixed - [SYS] ECAM TCAS STBY memo does not appear when ALT RPTG ON
Fixed - [SYS] No Bleed air pressure indication with APU Bleed ON, ENG OFF
Fixed - [SYS] Bleed air pressure gauge gets stuck to last value when R ENG BLEED = OFF
Fixed - Can't step through ATLN/SEC F-PLNs
Fixed - BRG/DIST should be to 1 decimal place
Fixed - TO Config should read NORM FOR T/O
Fixed - TCAS showing traffic at wrong relative altitude
Fixed - STAR selection code crash
Fixed - EFIS dials (DH, FPA) can be adjusted with FCU off
Fixed - F-PLN B page wind format 
Fixed - [FMGS] Speeds in plan do not account for transition alt
Fixed - [ENG] N2 speed during crank
Fixed - Manual changes to INIT B should be big font
Fixed - Pressing GPWS switch when alert is active does not cancel warnings
Fixed - PACKS OFF Operations
Fixed - AP/AT Disconnect switches not animated via control input
Fixed - [VNAV] Aiming for CST too early 
Fixed - If a message is open on one idc, sending a message from the other messes with the message displaying IDC
Fixed - ORIG/DEST have no input sanitisation
Fixed - Switching panel button behaviour
Fixed - Should be possible to modify sps/alt/wind dir/temp directly on F-PLN
Fixed - Should be able to dial in a speed when in PROF like in the A320 for when you switch to LVL CHG or VS
Fixed - Unable to change LAT/LON with slew keys INIT A
Fixed - Navaid/REF pages
Fixed - MCDU F-PLN page additions and corrections
Fixed - IMM DESC is started with any right LSK on F-PLN page
Fixed - Des arrow is few pixels off again
Fixed - Wrong bearings on SID (FACT RWY19 TETAN 1A SID)
Fixed - Tiller getting stuck left when used via rudder axis
Fixed - [IDC] COM Presets not saving either Com1 or Com2
Fixed - Throttle locks to idle after turning off autothrust
Fixed - [SYS] CTD/Plane stops responding when deleting HOLD/Waypoint from PROC in MCDU
Fixed - Should be possible to modify sps/alt/wind dir/temp directly on F-PLN
Fixed - ENG 2 PW EGT max pointer needle doesn't move
Fixed - MCDU F-PLN page additions and corrections
Fixed - Wrong bearings on SID (FACT RWY19 TETAN 1A SID)
Fixed - PFD errors
Fixed - Oil level mismatch on PW variant
Fixed - FMS number rounding
Fixed - ANTI SKID release indicators in flight on the wheel page are missing
Fixed - Door SD Page improvements 


Fixed - Cargo compartment smoke detection switch animation issue
Fixed - APU exhaust still visible after being shut down
Fixed - Missing GPWS Landing Flaps/ Slats selector switch text
Fixed - [ART] Using the IDC panel - lose the lettering and the illumination around the ILS and VOR frequencies
Fixed - [ART][PW] Eng 2 EGT Orange Needle INOP
Fixed - [ART] Weird shadow on IGN/APU panel buttons
Fixed - EGT warning light on GE engine config lighting up at PW limits
Fixed - [ART] FO/CAPT switching lower sys indications should be boxed
Fixed - Squib emissive should be white, not amber
Fixed - [ART] FO Switching panel has red lines on buttons when CAPT side switching is set to SYS3
Fixed - Engine 1 Pylon labels mirrored
Fixed - [ART] PW Pax house livery on the nose says Freighter (600RF instead of 600R)
Fixed - [PW] Pilots Model missing from external view
Fixed - Cabin light resets when zooming out


Fixed - GPWS test plays in C&D 
Fixed - Alt alert C chord cuts off early if you rapidly adjust the alt knob on the ground
Fixed - [SOUND] Exterior view engine sounds fade in and out
Fixed - PW sounds on fuel injection
Fixed - Increase ATC COM telex volume
Fixed - RA Callouts playing on panel state change
Fixed - Horizontal Stabilizer Trim animation inverted
Fixed - Engine sounds disappear too fast on shut down
Fixed - Sound Mix Feedback


Fixed - Pax EFB has toggle catering option avail in the air
Fixed - [EFB] On-screen keyboard only shows numbers for HOPPIE field on settings page
Fixed - [EFB] Enroute map - save/retain zoom level when switching between EFB apps
Fixed - Landing calc RWY graphic units not syncing



Fixed - MSFS Checklist TOGA highlights old ATC COM button click spot
Fixed - CPT PFD brightness typo

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