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MCDU F-PLN page additions and corrections.


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Referencing the A310 Sperry manual p. 38 Chapter 3.2 1st sentence.

- The FROM waypoint (or the waypoint you have passed) should be the actual time you crossed it. As of now, the FMC just calculates the estimated time overhead from actual position back to that waypoint.

Referencing the A310 Sperry manual p. 38 Chapter 3.3, bullet points 2 and 3.

The distance between the FROM waypoint to the current active fly-to waypoint should display actual distance between the aircraft and the waypoint. As of now, total leg distance remains displayed.

- In addition to the leg distance between the waypoints (which ever you have slewed the F-PLN to) in lines 2 and 3 should display the course in addition to the usual distance, in the format of DIS/CRS°. As of now, only distance is shown between all waypoints .... including the ones between lines 2 and 3.



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