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Throttle stuck in idle

Herr Fred

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Hello hello, 

I'd like to report a bug, sadly I forgot to do a screenshot or any proof before quitting the sim, sorry. 

During the ILS Z onto the 34L in Haneda, on final, I wanted to disengage at first the auto thrust, then the autopilot. However after pushing the at/thr button in order to disengage, the engines instantly went to idle (my levers weren't) and was from then on stuck in the idle position. TO/GA did also not work trying the screw short cut nor did the button on the in sim levers. In the end the a300 had a bath in the Tokyo bay.

Noted should be it was the second flight in a row, first from osaka to sendai and then to tokyo. With single flights nothing like that ever happened. Also I don't think it has something to with my throttle because on the water I could engage reverse thrust(?). 

version 1.1. PW passenger version




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