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Freezing just before TOC


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I had that issue a lot.. It always seems to happen if you enter a arrival or if you use the second flightplan option.. 

I recommend you to select your arrival before you depart.. and after take off better dont touch the fms... that is no ideal way to deal with it.. specially if you fly online.. but it helps you to avoid that bug. 

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3 hours ago, JoeDel said:

I use default, SU14, I copied my community and created a new one with the A300 only in it, 2 flights so far with no issues

This tells you every thing you need to know.  Now just add things back in until the issue crops up and you know what to delete.  I would start with A300 liveries from freeware sources, but don't be surprised if it is something completely different. After, go get MSAddons Linker over at .to  This will allow you to better control what is loaded into the sim before each flight.  I only load the plane, liver and two airports.  No chance something in Singapore screws up my flight in Florida. 

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