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VNAV Problems


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Was flying into EBLG, on the CIV7D departure, and AHLUV1B transition for the ILS 22L apporach. The SID and Apporach charts have a speed restriction of MAX 250kts, but the FMC had the speed at 250 kts for all waypoints. I wanted to fly a bit slower, so I tried manually changing the speed at RUDIX in the revision page to 230. This only changed the speed for that particular waypoint. All the following ones were left at 250kts.

After I started descent manually by pressing the P. Des key 5NM before TOD, it did follow the descent path, but blew through the speed restrictions at CIV, GSY and RUDIX at 330 kts before I manually slowed it down.

Photo of the FMC




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MAX 250. Not at 250. No way it would have slowed down for apporach. That was moot point as it didn't follow those restrictions either.

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