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Total dual FMS freeze on approach modification


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planned on doing the SCOLA1 STAR into KRNO. MVA transition. And the RNP Y 17L. 

- 1st step I did was to edit the 250-knot restriction from 250/FL100 to 250/FL150 as per my preference. No problem.

- 2nd step was to connect the STAR to the APPR as it finishes on a heading of 333 after KLOCK.

- I deleted KLOCK from the STAR end, and poof. Both FMCs stuck. Airplane flies. Just that I have no FMC's anymore. FMC 1 went blank together with a DSPLY legend light. FMC 2 froze where it was last at F-PLN.

- Also, the route is completely gone from the ND and certain instruments are behaving strangely.



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