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iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS v1.1.0 Released


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v1.1.0 of the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS has been released. This update adds the anticipated PW engine variant, the IDC radio panel and adds a few features as well as fixes many bugs!

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.

New Features
Added – IDC modern radio panel with CPDLC and ACARS systems and sounds
Added – PW passenger and freighter variants with unique systems and engine sounds
Added - Navigraph enroute moving map functionality
Added – EFB Landing Distance calculation performance page

Bug Fixes

Added - Speed mode preselect
Added - Better VNAV profile descent implementation
Added – Now possible for FMC to not reset when changing panel state
Added - Decel mode
Added - FMC to not reset when changing panel state
Fixed - APU ECAM shutdown logic
Fixed - Throttle goes into idle on bumpy runway
Fixed - VNAV issues
Fixed - Inhibit A/THR -> MAN THR reversion during TO phase
Fixed - HYD levels not the same on OHP and ECAM
Fixed - There is no connection between compressor rotation and temperature rate in crank mode
Fixed - ND Drawing issues
Fixed - 3.00° missing in fpl during RNAV approach
Fixed - Speed constraint not taken into account
Fixed - Oil runs out even though the maintenance options is off
Fixed - APU not starting
Fixed - VS does not sync with current climb/des rate
Fixed - APPR page info doesn't clear if you have done an RNAV
Fixed - Flex derate does not modify EPR on display
Fixed – Throttle calibration issue Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke
Fixed - Throttle2_cut sets thrust to 50%, Throttle1_cut works as expected
Fixed - Inhibit A/THR -> MAN THR reversion during TO phase
Fixed - Speed mode preselect
Fixed - Temps going to -56° in cockpit/cabin after starting the descent
Fixed - AI copilot can't change transponder code
Fixed - VOR mode stays in VOR* even though the VOR track got captured
Fixed - Cannot enter custom RTE RSV, immediately changes back to default value
Fixed - ADF flickering
Fixed - Throttle goes into idle on bumpy runway
Fixed - VNAV profile descent implementation
Fixed - VNAV pathing
Fixed - Typo in aircraft.cfg files
Fixed - Throttle issue, exclusive to the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke
Fixed - Rad alt call seems off.
Fixed - Similar to the two TCAS tests, there are also two GPWS tests
Fixed - Auto Checklist injects fuel instantly, leading to hot start, A310 checklists waits till 20% N2
Fixed - Max Pointer reset no TT
Fixed - APU oil looks to have overflowed

Added - Allow "My Flight" page to pull info from FMGS when user hand codes flights without Simbrief
Added – better EFB descriptions
Added - Realistic Door Cargo Door Speed control to settings
Fixed - Make checklists, flightplan and OFP click and draggable
Fixed - Altimeter unit always in hPa on performance page
Fixed - OFP formatting issues
Fixed - En-Route Map is possible to click the Leaflet link on the bottom right

Added – PW sounds
Added – IDC sounds
Fixed - Left engine balance not correct vs right engine from pilots seat
Fixed - No ADF/NDB identifier tone
Fixed - Abrupt change in engine sounds during start up
Fixed - Missing button sounds
Fixed - Brake fan sound remains when MSFS is not in focus
Fixed - No landing sound effect
Fixed - Sound several events
Fixed - Flaps motors too quiet in wing view
Fixed - Main Cargo Door missing sound (was there ever a sound?)
Fixed - ALT HLD sound switch plays when FMA mode changes

Fixed - Horizontal Stab not moving with THS setting
Fixed - Reverser Sleeves animation should fully extend as soon as reversers are open - Does not correlate to thrust setting
Fixed - Pallets clipping
Fixed - No integ lighting on brightness buttons IDC
Fixed - Altimeter gauge flickers
Fixed - Duplicated text on overhead
Fixed - DC Voltage gauge showing jumpy animation
Fixed - Reg decal overlap
Fixed - N2 gauge indications

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Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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