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cannot make purchases

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even in the new update, it sometime starts up and sometimes it freezes on start. 

but i have no been unable to buy anything in the manager. i add it to my cart hit checkout and it pulls up the checkout screen but it loads infinitely. never actually letting me purchase anything. so i have to go to the website and wait for it to load in my manager. this has been happening for months now. was hoping the update would fix it but no. and yes ive uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. 

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I'm very new to the IniBuilds store(I did use a very old version of your software when you added the A300 to MSFS but haven't used it since). I always receive promotional emails from you and, when I saw 2 airports I always wanted for MSFS (HNL and DTW) on sale last night, I had to have them. 

Anyway, I  bought PHNL this morning through the website. It said to download through the manager. So I installed it and it worked. Later today I wanted KDTW so I logged into the manager - it said that my password and email didn't match. I simply logged out then back in and that problem was resolved. Then I added DTW to my cart.  When I tried to pay (twice) it wouldn't work. I then created a forum account and saw this post. So I purchased DTW that way. It then magically appeared in the manager and it is now installed. My concern is that I might now be charged 3 times for one product, though, as yet, my bank account is only reflecting one PHNL and one KDTW purchase. So far, so good...

What was different about purchasing through your site was the fact that my bank sent a verification code to my mobile phone before it allowed the website purchase. That also happened this morning with the PHNL purchase, but it did not happen through iniManager when trying to purchase KDTW. 

The reason for this post is so that the folks who control the iniBuilds Windows App might find this is the reason it's impossible for some folks to buy through the manager - some banks add this extra security measure (Personally, I think it's a good thing), but some do not. I was waiting for my bank to intervene when using the manager, but it never happened. Only through your website did that occur. You might have to add a script to the iniManager that addresses this issue - it just might fix the problem some folks are having. I'm no IT tech but I do know my way around a PC, so who knows :)

In closing, your website only shows my purchases of PHNL and KDTW and I received only one email from you confirming the same. So, I kind of doubt that I'll be charged 3 times for KDTW but I will be keeping an eye on that. 

One last issue that may or may not be related is that I keep getting email notifications from you that says "You just logged in from a device we haven't seen you use before. If this was you, please ignore this email. Otherwise, you should secure your account immediately. " This is incorrect as it's the same machine I've used for every interaction with iniBuilds. It happens every time I log into either your website or the forum. Perhaps you'd like to look into this small "glitch" as well? 

Cheers from down under folks and a Happy Easter to all.


If it works, don't try to fix it

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback and a very Happy Easter to you too from all of us!

Ok... so if no payment has been taken and no order confirmation email received it means the order simply timed-out and did not go through. This can happen due to a lapse in internet, busy server etc. Don't fret, you will not be charged thrice, as confirmed by various other customers facing similar issues.

As for the iniManager specifically, the team is logging the failed attempts and working to resolve the issue. However with the holidays and weekends in the way it may take a little longer than usual.

20 hours ago, phantomflyer said:

I keep getting email notifications from you that says "You just logged in from a device we haven't seen you use before. If this was you, please ignore this email. Otherwise, you should secure your account immediately. "

I will pass on your feedback to the team.

Thanks again for your patience!

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