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Hey to everyone this is the first time I write here in Inibuilds cuz I need some help to know what in the hell is going on with this airplane,

so Yesterday I dediced to use the a310 but textures are acting weird I have those blue lines behind the planeWhatsAppImage2024-03-2513_41.55_2e1fdf97.thumb.jpg.7ba034d79938aba57fe2180fe3dd58e9.jpg.. Does anyone can help me? I reviced all my up to dates of msfs 

and are ok. same for inibuilds... thank you y´all

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2 hours ago, IniSteve said:

In the menus under Assistance Options scroll down to "User Experience" and turn Aerodynamic Visualization to off.

okay thank you so mach you are the best

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