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Engines to idle after rotation

Matteo Spacca

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Hello everyone. This is the second time I have this issue. Both times taking off from EDDP. Just after rotation engines throttle down and a/t disconnects. I have to manually apply full trust and re-engage auto/t + NAV + Profile. Anything I can check? 
I have more then 50 flights with this bird but it looks strange that same issue only twice at the same airport

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I run DHL virtual and fly out of Leipzig most days in the A300 and not had this issue there (using the digital design airport) but I have had this randomly in the climd when there is turbulence. It always re engages so not been more than a nuisance but I assumed it was normal behaviour in "chop" 

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This happened to me once. I honestly felt like maybe I had accidentally hit the AT disconnect button I had mapped. But in 30+ flights it only happened once on 1.0.9 while I was trying to reproduce another error. Maybe it wasn't just me. It happened exactly after rotate, just as the mains lifted off the ground.

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