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iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS v1.0.9 Released


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v1.0.9 of the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for MSFS has been released. This update addresses a few bugs relating to items such as the spoiler arming code, numbers cutting off on VOR frequencies and adds general system stability improvements.

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.

- Update to spoiler arming code
- Fixed EFB parsing potential null value when fuel divided by 0
- APU EGT not resetting to ambient temp over time and apu fx still visible after shutdown
- Temporarily removed EFB reg/selcal in cockpit option
- AP2 doesn't disconnect through Yoke movement; but generally AP disconnects too quick from movement.
- Adjusted engine hot start and crank logic
- Fixed cut off numbers on VOR frequencies
- Fixed ALT HOLD not stopping climb from VS mode
- Fixed not able to use reverse thrust using key binds
- Fixed ADF needle jumping when signal limit reached
- General system stability improvements

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Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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