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iniBuilds Honolulu (PHNL) for MSFS v1.1.0 Released


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v1.1.0 of iniBuilds Honolulu (PHNL) for MSFS has been released. This update includes a significant overhaul to address all LODs, terminals have been re-optimised and an added "No Interior" option to replace interiors with parallax windows has been added!

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.


- Complete rework of all LODs
- All GSE updated with current ini lib models
- All terminal models re-optimised and re-exported
- Jetways are now LOD'ed
- Detailed interior streamlined for improved performance.
- Added 'no interior' option to replaced interiors with parallax windows
- Water runways and transition now working
- Many textures have been reduced in resolution
- Overall package footprint now 3.3gb (down from 5.4gb)
- Replaced airport elements that were not showing in some case (LOC, VOR etc)
- Added static disused B712 behind PATC
- Fixed various marking errors
- Added missing or incorrect approach lighting
- Added spawn points at Mokulele Airlines
- Changed Air Service Hawaii to Atlantic Aviation

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Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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