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Aberdeen/Dyce (EGPD)

Bert Groner

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Hello all at AuraScenery!

Thanks for making EGPD. Looks really nice.

I kindly ask you to fix the following:

1. Please remove the Touch Down Zone lighting (TDZ) at both ends of runway 16/34 - in real there are none.

2. Please remove the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) of runways 16/34 as there are none in real.

3. Please change the 3D models of the glidepath antennas with similar red/white ones plus two or three white cross bar antennas as this rendition will meet the real look of such antennas. Specimen attached.

4. Can you please ad a simple single antenna mast to the red/white DME/TACAN housing opposite the terminal?

Thanks so much in advanve - most appreciated - have a good time!




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