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A300-600RF on XBox Series X feedback


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A few things with the A300 that I’ve noticed on Xbox Series X:

  1. No noticeable nosewheel deflection with rudder controls tiller turned off. It should have +/- 6° of movement with the rudder pedals which is present on the A310 but not on the A300 and allows for directional control on the runway at lower speeds
  2. On take-off, the flight director should direct you to chase a rate of climb that maintains the V2 speed at take-off thrust until thrust reduction altitude where the set speed becomes active and the engines spool back as you reduce the climb rate. Instead, following the flight directors always shows the same climb out angle that puts you up at 200+kts climb out when the V2 speed can be anywhere from 145 – 165kts
  3. Autopilot disconnect alarm should stop once disconnect pressed for a second time (?) but it continues to ring out for a good while after
  4. When disconnecting auto-throttle, should you not get the 3 short bleeds that indicate that a status has changed from green to amber on the PFD?
  5. Unsure if this is a A300/A310 feature/quirk or if it’s something that needs fixed. Final Approach activates by itself when getting close to destination airport (when the next waypoint is the first waypoint on approach chart?) and changes the target speed to the approach speed while still in profile mode. It starts to then chase that target speed and will hold it just above stall speed as you add flaps and slats. In the A320, it will do the same but the speed will chase the S and F points instead of pressuring you to keep extending in a hurry feeling like you are about to stall. Manual setting of speed not possible until LOC and GS both active unless in level change or alt hold mode. RNAV appears to work in the way described for the A320 and so I prefer to use these but RNAV approaches are not always available and if NAV not working then you can’t do them
  6. Aircraft prone to not always following NAV (I’ve posted elsewhere on forum about this)
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