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Engines randomly turns off with failures turned of


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In advance, I will say that I did not manage to capture it on video. But I was flying a 3 hour route and once I started to decend, I got notifications about engine 1 going out. I did everything it was shown to do. And after doing everything, after like 5 seconds, the engine turned off and electricity was gone aswell. Automatically, yaw dampers and etc switch off and had no more control over the plane and after 5 seconds or so the plane was overstressed for overspeeding while falling. Is this still a bug? I followed all the procedures up until it happened and I do not believe that it was for something I did wrong since for a number of flights I did everything the same and had no issue like this. Also, as I mentioned in the title, the failures were turned off. Only this problem happen and approach issues (the approach problems might be my fault, but sometimes it went smoothly, sometimes not) 

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