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Long IRS Align


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10 minutes ago, ual763 said:

Well, your ECAM does not say IRS IN ALIGN, are you sure you actually hit the ALIGN IRS prompt in the CDU?

maybe it's not an alignment issue. something weird is going on as you can see primary gps lost is on there. also when i flip the "Pitch Trim" switches they flip back after a couple seconds. also none of the AP numbers appear. i have the APU running and before that I had ground power. didn't make a difference which one.

it's like part of the plane isn't getting power. anything you can think of that could cause this?

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Well, the PRIMARY GPS Lost message will be on there naturally as an advisory after it being lost before power was applied.  It is an advisory and is to be canceled.  The AFCS displays will be blank until the pitch trims switches are on and the pitch trim switches won’t stay on until the IRS is aligned.  So, this all leads to you not selecting the ALIGN IRS prompt on the INIT-A page of the FMS/CDU.  

Robert Schumacher

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2 minutes ago, ual763 said:

I see in your latest photo, the FMC is also prompting you to select the ALIGN IRS prompt.  

i noticed that as well and clicked that, however nothing happened. still no gps signal and pitch trims won't stay flipped

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29 minutes ago, Nico - Gumby said:

So what seemed to be the issue then? With the setting on fast, my A300 aligns itself within 3ish minutes.

Did you by chance change the setting after starting the alignment? Cause in that case it will still take the previous selected value into consideration.

I'm not 100% what both the issue and the fix seemed to be. I did try to change the alignment time mid-alignment but as you mentioned it didn't react to that. I think a combination of flipping IRS switches multiple times, not pressing the align button on the fms in a timely manner, and changing the align time on the efb. One or more of these ended up fixing it after some time. I'm sure it was user error. I'll try a fresh flight again soon and see if I can get it to work normally. 

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