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A300-600R Fuel Use


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Hello Ini,

I have noticed for some time now a discrepancy in fuel planned and fuel used. Today I am investigating. So, I opened up an A300-600 FCOM and went to the cruise performance tables. While cruising at 140.000 kg at FL330 in ISA+10, I interpolated a cruise fuel flow of 6.983 lbs/hr. On the gauges in the cockpit, I can read around 6.150 lbs/hr. In other words, around 13% less. Now this was a spot measurement, and more tests have to be carried out, however in any case the fuel flow seems a little frugal for these engines.

I was curious if you show different data or if you know that extensive testing has already been done to match these figures. I crunched out OFP's in both PFPX and SimBrief and in both I am using less fuel than planned.





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