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Right MCDU: waypoint/airport entry on PROG page


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When you enter a waypoint/airport on the PROGRESS page of the left MCDU (so that it shows beaering and distance), the right MCDU shows the same entry. I am not sure if this is the correct behaviour. Maybe different entries can be made on each MCDU or they are synced.

Anyway - if you enter another waypoint/airport on the right MCDU it still shows the entry of the left MCDU while bearing and distance change to the new entry. The behavior seems to be a bit bugged there.


Please check the attached image to prove my statement. Both MCDU show the waypoint IMPED. Bearing and distance are different. I tried to enter OMDB30L on the right MCDU. It still shows IMPED but the BRG / DIST have changed.


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