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MSFS A300 very flat climb


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Hello, Firstly, I would like to say I love the A300.  I am currently on my second flight of version 1.0.3.  I am getting a very flat pitch attitude of just 2 degrees nose up with a climb rate of 2000fpm. Seems awfully low for the nose up altitude. 

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Climb rate and angle to the ground are related but not directly related. Speed, weight and center of gravity are also part of the equation.  You can fly with an extremely high nose angle and not climb an inch or actually stall and descend.  The A300 (and all aircraft) in profile mode and in LVL CHG mode pitch to a speed with a given thrust setting.  In profile mode the computer handles all the variables and in LVL CHG mode you tell the aircraft what speed you want and what level (altitude) you want it to go to at that speed and it pitches accordingly.  I have seen the aircraft climb in profile mode at different angles and vertical speeds to climb depending on how I have it loaded.  That is realistic.  How spot on? Don't know and it "feels right" so don't care.  

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