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Disarm Indication for Emergency Exit Lights


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There are several Issues - maybe with the Plane, but maybe me just not knowing how the right Behavior should be:

  • I start in Cold & Dark and apply Power to the Airplane (BATs + EXT), and don't see the "Disarm" Indication lit up for the Emergency Exits (with the Switch being in the Off Position). Is that really what it should be? 🤔 (That wasn't the case before 1.0.3)
  • Regardless of that: how is one supposed to read if that Indication Light is on or not? Can't find a L-Var for that 😕
    (Before 1.0.3 I could read it via INI_EMER_EXIT_LIGHTS_ON which now turns 1 when the Switch is in the On-Position. It makes totally Sense that a Variable called ...ON reflects the ON State ^^ It is just that there is now no Way to get that Disarm Indication)
  • And speaking of that L-Var: Is it supposed be 1 when the No Smoking Switch is in the Auto Position?!

(Freight Variant)

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On 1/25/2024 at 6:23 PM, Nico - Gumby said:

The "Disarm" light not working is a known bug, will be fixed in the next version 🙂

I'm not entirely sure of the variable for the smoking switch, but the values will be 2 = OFF, 1 = AUTO, 0 = ON

Hope this helps 🙂

Yeah, the notice that this is known and will be fixed certainly helps, thanks 🙂

I don't have a Problem with the Smoking Switch, that works (for itself) still as expected. I just wanted to add that moving that Smoking Switch (via its L-Var) also changes the L-Var INI_EMER_EXIT_LIGHTS_ON . 😉 

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