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A310 Blackscreen, not working thrust, crashing without a reason


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Hey, since the new year I’m experiencing problems with the A310. I receive alert sounds when the plane should be ok. After that the game shows a screen where it’s written, that I would have crashed. But the plane is fine… 

other times all cockpit screens turn black in midflight..

sometimes I get kicked out of the game.. and sometimes thrustlevers simply don’t work. And other times autothrust is engaged or it feels like, because the plane reacts totally wrong. 
I’ve calibrated the thrustmaster and I’m playing on Xbox series X


the worst is when all happens after another. Also had the problem of having a bit of asymmetric thrust for a few minutes…

oh and at another try I where just standing on the runway and turned everything off but had still a blackscreen and annoying warning calls…

So sad.. This is a killing machine!


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