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ECAM parameters matching between paired systems


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One peculiar thing I've seen with this sim are the parameters are all matched on the ECAM ENG, BLEED and WHEEL pages. This is highly unrealistic. No 2 engines are the same and will have varying Oil Press, Oil Temps, Oil Qty, Bleed press, Vibes and Fuel pressure. All left and right parameters on the BLEED page are exactly the same. The brake temps are all the same on their respective gear but should all be slightly different. In cruise, they are still showing above 0C. Generally the brake temps will vary by as much as 50C after landing and if landing in a crosswind could be as much as 100C difference between the left and right MLG.

Just suggesting to add some variability in the parameters between systems.


John (A300/A310 mechanic) 

ECAM Bleed Page.png

ECAM ENG Page.png

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