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Hidden Textures when painting

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Hello, I have been wracking my brain trying to find where some textures are hidden.  For example, when using a fedex as a base for a livery, I discovered that fedex logos were left on the plane even though there were no files or cfgs that would indicate such.  I also have now ran into this with the spinner on the engine and it is becoming quite frustrating.  Where can I find these files?  



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I should clarify about the spinner.  I understand there is a spinner in the engines texture file, but there is another spinner, from some other texture somewhere, overlayede on top in game.  I have no idea why I cannot find it.  I have looked through the entire main plane folder, and compared with aircraft that don't have them, yet there is no difference.  Please don't tell me its in a model file.  That would be terrible.

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